How Much Water Do Cool You’s Air Conditioning For Flats Use?

How Much Water Do Cool You’s Air Conditioning For Flats Use?

As we approach summer and the days get warmer, the need for air conditioning for flats and apartments around London is becoming greater. However, many ask how expensive and environmentally efficient our internal air conditioning for flats can be.

Our Managing Director Savva, an expert in air conditioning for flats, is here to talk us through how much water the Cool You UK system uses!

It’s important to remember that the water our system uses doesn’t have to go to waste. During our free, no-obligation site survey, we discuss all the different options for water with you.

We already do what we can to prevent water wastage as our system only uses water when the air-conditioning system is on in your apartment.

The water connection is on the condenser itself, and when the condenser gets hot and needs to get rid of that heat, it opens a water valve on the system and allows a controlled flow of water through the condenser. That’s the water that runs to waste.

Over a thousand Cool You systems are installed in London flats and apartments, and customers rarely come to us with concerns about water usage or running costs. That shows how efficient our systems are.

Savva explains more about the water our air conditioning for flats uses in the video below:

If that all seems like a lot to take on board, here’s a quick summary: Conventional air conditioning systems use 100% electricity. Our fully internal system, on the other hand, uses less electricity but also uses a small proportion of water. The overall cost of our system is the same as other conventional systems.

If you have questions and you would like to find out more, then have a look at the rest of our website or give us a call on 0207 043 2275.