How Much Warranty Does Cool You Air Conditioner Without An Outdoor Unit Have?

How Much Warranty Do Cool You Air Conditioners Without An Outdoor Unit Have?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “How much warranty does a Cool You air conditioner without an outdoor unit come with?”

Up until this year, we did a two-year fully inclusive warranty with our internal systems, which is fairly standard across the air-conditioning industry.

However, we’re so confident in our systems that from 2018 onwards, we’re giving our clients a full five-year parts and five-year labour warranty (please ask for our terms & conditions).

We have hundreds of air conditioners without an outdoor unit installed in London apartments and we do not have issues with them. We guarantee our internal solutions will work.

Trust me – there’s no other offer like this in the industry for fully internal air conditioning.

Here’s Savva with more information on the warranty we offer for our air conditioner without outdoor units:

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