Why you need air conditioning for flats in winter

Why air conditioning for flats is essential even in winter

Air conditioning for flats is essential in the summer months as the advanced technology helps to keep your body cool; but did you know that air conditioning is just as important during the winter months?

There are innumerable advantages to having an air conditioning system other than the cooling effect it provides. Here are six important reasons why you still need air conditioning even in winter.

Why you need an air conditioning system now

Better air quality

The air you breathe is important for your mental and physical wellbeing, so it’s important that the air quality in your house is the best it can be.

An internal air conditioning unit can bring the air of the outdoors into your very home, feeling crisp and fresh as you inhale. While it’s great to escape the cold and turn up the central heating, this very heating could be making us feel under the weather.

Central heating dries out the air, which can wreak havoc on our sinuses and leave us with dry and cracked skin. Leaving the central heating on overnight is very damaging for our health and it’s not uncommon to wake up with a dry throat and dehydrated eyes.

Air conditioning does not remove essential moisture from the air in the same way central heating does, working to replenish your skin and make you feel energised.

An air conditioning unit used in conjunction with central heating would be an ideal combination, as the central heating works to warm the entire house while your air conditioning unit provides you with quality air.

Bacteria and viruses can’t circulate

Winter bugs are an inevitability when the temperature and our immune systems drop, making you less productive at work.

Instead of spending your days in a sick bed, invest in one of our self-contained air conditioning units and eradicate the illness.

Our unique conditioning units come fitted with a filtration system that reduces the number of bacteria circulating in the air.

With our product, air is guaranteed to be filtered to HEPA standard, where 99.7% of small and otherwise imperceptible particles are removed from the air; this is particularly beneficial if you didn’t get your flu jab this year.

Vulnerable people such as young people and the elderly are most at risk when it comes to winter cold and flu, so investing in an air conditioning unit to minimise the risk of contracting an illness could be a wise choice when it comes to safeguarding health and immunity.

They’re great for people with allergies

The filtration system in air conditioning units is very efficient and able to eradicate more than just bacteria from the air.

During the summer months, air conditioning units are great for people who have hayfever, removing any small particles and pollen from the air.

In winter, our units work just as hard to relieve the symptoms of people’s allergies; watery eyes and itching skin from dust mite allergies will be a thing of the past, as our advanced air conditioning systems remove dust particles from the air.

Around 20% of the population have a dust mite allergy and while regularly changing your bedding and circulating your pillows can help to alleviate the symptoms, it won’t eradicate them completely; in winter, you don’t even have the chance to clear the dust from the air by opening a window.

An air filtration system, like the one you will find in an air conditioning unit, is the only permanent and reliable way to reduce your symptoms in the winter months.

Your work quality will improve

On average, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors and the indoor air can be 50% more polluted than outdoor air. These statistics are even more alarming if you work from home and rarely get a chance to take in some fresh air.

The stale and artificially heated air, common to our homes during the winter period, can make us feel lethargic and less able to be productive and produce quality work that our clients and employers will be proud of.

Studies suggest that proper ventilation and access to fresh air is a crucial aspect of creating a ‘healthy building’ where workers can have improved cognitive functions.

This is why air conditioning for flats is essential, especially if you plan on getting some work done in your home environment.

Dehumidifying properties

Last winter, more than a third of all deaths were linked to respiratory illnesses, which were worsened by the icy conditions.

Asthma, bronchitis and other serious lung conditions can really impact our quality of life and the symptoms are often brought on and exacerbated by the presence of mould in our homes.

Mould is less of an issue in the summer months as the air tends to be drier and our home windows are usually open to allow air to circulate; this is not an option in winter.

The combination of closed windows and condensation can lead to the formation of black mould, which can trigger respiratory issues and can be fatal to the more vulnerable members of society.

Our air conditioning solutions dehumidify the air and can eradicate a room of any excess condensation so that you can remain in good respiratory health.

Every apartment can benefit from an air conditioning unit

Residents in London apartments might have been told that they cannot benefit from an air conditioning unit; maybe your flat is too small, the building is protected, or you don’t have the appropriate planning permissions to get air conditioning.

With Cool You, there is always a solution. We provide internal air conditioning units that will not cause any permanent damage to your apartment’s exterior. We can visit you this winter and provide you with an air conditioning unit that will purify your air and rid it of any contaminants.

Come rain, snow or shine, air conditioning for flats is a necessity all year around. If you’re interested in getting a self-contained air conditioning unit for your London apartment, then contact a member of the Cool You team for a free quote and consultation.