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Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions With No Outside Condenser

We provide air conditioning without an outside condenser to commercial properties in London.

From our experience, we have found that most commercial buildings can have conventional external condenser air conditioning. If this is the case, we would recommend that you consult with a reputable local air conditioning (HVAC) specialist to confirm this (if you can, it will be a lot cheaper).

If however, fitting air conditioning which uses an external condenser proves to be impossible, either due to your premises being within one of London’s conservation areas or because you occupy a Grade II listed building and you definitely cannot have conventional air conditioning, we have the air conditioning solution your business has been searching for.

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Our water cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems are completely contained within your premises, making them an ideal solution for creating a cool, comfortable environment that will enhance customer experience and staff productivity.

Whilst they are water cooled, the only water involved in our fully internal air conditioning systems is within the internal condenser unit. This replaces the outside condenser used in mainstream air conditioning systems. This system then uses the most up-to-date refrigerant pipework from the internal condenser unit to the room units.

However, whilst it utilises water, the DC inverter technology featured within the system allows you to reach your desired room temperature and keep it constant when the external temperature changes, providing a reduction in energy consumption which is significantly less than a conventional air conditioning system.

Installing Air Conditioning In Your Light Commercial Property

Completely internal, our systems are a fantastic solution for many types of light commercial application and can cool individual areas of up to 50 square metres.

Some of our recent light commercial installations include:

– An art gallery in Bloomsbury
– An audio demo area in Fitzrovia
– Pharmacy and GP surgery in Chelsea
– Offices in Islington
– A small restaurant in the City of Westminster

In all of these installations, the condensing unit is concealed within the property and uses mains water in a controlled manner to remove heat. There are a number of ways the exiting water can be treated, which we will discuss during our site survey.

Our water cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems provide a high level of comfort, low noise and cost effective installation.

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The prices shown below are lead-in prices (PER ROOM) for the complete supply and installation of one of our systems. Please contact us with the approximate dimensions, type and use of the room(s) to be air conditioned and we will be happy to give you an accurate price. Depending on your budget and the layout of your premises, sometimes by air conditioning just one room, its enough to neutralise the heat build up within the whole area. We are happy to advise you of the best and most cost effective solution for you.


A contemporary gallery urgently needed air conditioning.

Our client was desperate for air conditioning, but their gallery is located in the heart of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area – NO OUTSIDE CONDENSER WAS ALLOWED.

Our energy efficient DC inverter water cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems where everything is retained within your property.


Our systems are installed by our own team of f-gas engineers. An individual room can be air conditioned in one day and there will be minimal disruption to your existing decoration.

  • Light-Com-Water-Cooled-5.3Kw

    3.5kw (12,000 BTU/h)
    DC Inverter Water Cooled (Internal Condenser)
    Air Conditioning System

    Supplied and installed from
    £4,650 + VAT per room

  • Light-Com-Water-Cooled-3.5Kw

    5.3kw (18,000 BTU/h)
    DC Inverter Water Cooled (Internal Condenser)
    Air Conditioning System

    Supplied and installed from
    £5,250 + VAT per room

  • Light-Com-Water-Cooled-7Kw

    7kw (24,000 BTU/h)
    DC InverterWater Cooled (Internal Condenser)
    Air Conditioning System

    Supplied and installed from
    £5,650 + VAT per room

The Benefits of Our Water Cooled Internal Air Conditioning Systems for Commercial Properties

Our water cooled internal air conditioning systems are suitable for many types of commercial property including small shops, small offices, restaurants, opticians and medical surgeries. The reason for this is because they bring many benefits.

  • No outside condenser unit 
  • Energy efficient DC inverter technology
  • ‘A++’ rated for Energy Efficiency
  • Compact design – easy to house in cupboards and utility areas
  • Very quiet operation
  • Ceiling casette and ducted room units available
  • Plumbed into the property’s cold water supply, just like a dishwasher or a washing machine
  • Fully installed by our own specialist FGAS refrigeration engineers

Room Unit Options For Light Commercial Applications

  • Light-Com-Water-Cooled-5.3Kw

    High Wall Room Unit

  • Light-Com-Water-Cooled-5.3Kw

    Ducted Room Unit

  • Light-Com-Water-Cooled-5.3Kw

    Ceiling Cassette Room Unit


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