internal air conditioning for listed property in London

How To Air Condition Your Listed Property

Here in London, many homeowners live in beautiful houses that fall under a ‘listed’ or protected status.

So many owners of listed buildings believe that they’re not able to install air conditioning as it violates their property status and requires detailed planning documents and permissions.

Well, Cool You have specifically developed air conditioning for listed property in London that requires no external box….and no planning permissions!

If you think that living in a beautiful, protected house means having to put up with stuffy, humid weather during the summer months, then think again.

Our completely internal systems for Grade II listed buildings are perfect because everything is contained within the property and require no penetrations to the outside.

During your free site survey, we’ll work out a solution and go through all the options with you. We’ll create a bespoke solution that suits your needs, and we 100% guarantee a solution that works not just for you, but for your property.

Plus, our installations are stress-free. Our dedicated team of trained engineers won’t disturb any of your decor or special features of your home.

Cool You has tons of experience meeting the specific challenges and requirements that come with listed and protected buildings. In many cases, we’ve been contacted specifically because of our vast experience installing air conditioning for listed property in Grade II buildings around London.

Taking into account the constraints imposed by planning departments, conservation officers and freeholders of listed buildings and properties in conservation areas, our fully internal air conditioning systems are the only solution.

Savva explains more about air conditioning for listed property in our video this week:

Do you live in a listed property? Feel free to contact us by filling out this form to arrange a free site survey, or check out our case studies page for loads of real life examples of how our systems for air conditioning for listed property can work for you.