Cool You in 2019

Where Are We Now & Where We’re Going: Cool You in 2019

Here at Cool You, we’ve been looking back at the successes we’ve shared as a business in 2018, and are looking forward to what lies ahead for Cool You in 2019.

This year, we have continued to stay at the top of our game as market leaders for internal water-cooled air conditioning systems.

We’re delighted to be in this position as a firm choice for London apartment owners, and we believe that it is our specificity and expertise, along with state-of-the-art technology and quality assurance, that ensures we are the market leaders and will continue to be so in 2019.

Where are we now & where we’re going

Paying close attention to details and regulations

To become market leaders, we have set ourselves apart by paying close attention to details and regulations.

All of our systems are custom-built to the customer’s specifications and are made in our factory in Italy by a small team.

Each model is then personally signed by the person who made it to ensure the utmost level of quality and care.

We always say that if somebody is willing to sign their own name to a product they have made, it must be the best it can be! We also believe in our products so much that a five-year warranty is in place for every order, just in case it should be needed.

Something else that sets us apart here at Cool You is the state-of-the-art technology we use in all of our air-conditioning installations.

Every Cool You wall-mounted system is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows the customer to monitor and control their air-conditioning from anywhere in the world!

Even at a more basic level, we believe the fact that our systems are water-cooled and completely internal allows us to be set apart from the competition, and it is this attention to detail that we believe will allow more success for Cool You in 2019.

State-of-the-art technology for discreet designs

Our state-of-the-art technology also means our systems are completely discreet in terms of design.

Our wall-mounted units are white and sleek, sitting high on the wall without anybody noticing they are there, and our grill-style installations can be finished to your taste.

The technology also allows our systems to operate at a near-silent level, so even the lightest sleepers won’t be affected by them, and you can also choose to operate your system in ‘blackout mode’ meaning no lights will remain on despite the system being fully in use.

Our engineers are highly experienced when it comes to installation.

This means not only are they experts in ensuring all systems meet regulations and are installed correctly, but they are able to assess the best positioning for your system. Discreet installation and accurate fittings are part of the whole experience when you choose Cool You.

Our dedication to quality and style is completely unfaltering, so when you order an air-conditioning system from Cool You, you know that it will be installed to our high standards, that it will match your personal specifications, and that it will tick all of the boxes in terms of regulations and safety procedures.

Specialising in London apartments

We choose to specialise in London apartments because the people living in them are often in great need of solutions to cool their unbearably hot living spaces even in the winter.

Problems arise in London apartments due to the lack of UK regulations for developers to install cooling systems, along with levels of insulation that have become more demanding over the years – when the heat is unable to get out, the apartments can become far too hot! That is where we have stepped in to bring our expertise to London residents.

Our products are well suited to those living in London apartments whereby having windows open at night is simply a no-go. Busy, noisy streets, railway lines and pollution often means that our clients simply have to keep the windows closed at night, which can lead to stuffy, humid air – and a poor night’s sleep!

This is why our systems are perfect for problems like this, as these customers are still able to control the climate of their bedrooms.

We believe this is why our business has been able to thrive in the UK – perhaps not the first country that comes to mind when thinking about air-conditioning!

By specialising in London apartments, we have been able to gain full expertise in a niche area, setting us apart from the rest when it comes to the knowledge of our products.

If there is one thing we know about being the market leaders in our field, it’s that staying at the top is even harder than getting to the top.

That’s why, although we are confident in our systems, our standards and our success so far, we know that to continue to be the number one provider and the best possible choice for our clients, we need to continue to develop and grow as a company.

New investments for 2019

We are constantly investing in new technology that we are bringing to Cool You in 2019, as the more expertise we gain, the more we can use this to develop exciting new additions and features to our existing systems.

We are always striving to better ourselves as professionals, and in turn to better the company and the experiences of our clients.

In the current months and years to come, we expect to not only stay in our position as market leaders, but to continue to develop our business and keep striving to be better for 2019!

We love to keep our clients, and prospective clients, updated – so we will be sharing the details of these developments on our YouTube channel ‘Cool You UK’.

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