How Much Disruption Is Involved When Installing Air Con With No Outdoor Unit?

How much disruption is involved when installing a fully internal air conditioning in your London Apartment?

When considering installing an air con with no outdoor unit, many people worry about the décor, the walls, the floors, their furnishings, and most importantly, their time.

Usually, installations are long, often messy, processes that can take weeks, and many believe that it will be a massive hassle.

That’s not the case with Cool You. Our team of experts are fast, diligent, and there to help.

We typically start at 8 am. As long as you’re there in the morning to go through the details with us, we can continue throughout the day on our own. Usually, by 4 pm, we’ll be completed installing your air-con with no outdoor unit, and you will have a beautiful air-conditioned apartment.

Occasionally our installation runs into a second day, which we’d rather do than rush the job and leave you with an end product that you’re not happy with.

We’ll protect everything within the apartment. Your brand new walls, floors, wallpaper, the carefully chosen decor…no need to worry. Our team is very careful and meticulous about how they complete an installation.

Plus, our managing director Savva personally carries out the site survey and is there the morning of the first installation to run through everything with the engineers. At the end of the day, he’ll welcome you back into your recently cooled flat to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Here’s Savva explaining more about why Cool You is the hassle-free option:

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