Everything You Need To Know About Internal Air Conditioners

Everything You Need To Know About Internal Air Conditioners

Standard air conditioning units always have to be paired with external boxes that often do not comply with various London building regulations. But that’s not the case with internal air conditioners.

We know how difficult it can be in the city to keep your London apartment comfortable in the summer, but Cool You completely internal air conditioners are definitely the best solution to your problems.

What is completely internal air conditioning? Well, here’s everything you need to know about our internal air conditioning units:

Internal Air Conditioners Are Discreet

The slim, high wall air conditioning unit is mounted in the room that requires cooling. From there, we discreetly run standard refrigeration pipework to the small internal condenser, which we’ll find the most suitable location for. In the past, we’ve fitted the condenser in utility cupboards, under kitchen sinks, and even suspended in a wardrobe. 

They’re Completely Concealed

In most cases, our internal air conditioners are usually completely concealed, with the only visible piece of equipment being the air conditioning unit itself. The pipework can be run through a small void in the ceiling; completely out of sight and out of mind. There’s always a solution, and we’ll explore all your options as a London apartment owner during a free site survey.

No Planning Permission

Unlike standard air conditioning solutions, our internal air conditioners do not require any planning permissions and totally comply with London building regulations.

There’s No Compromise

Our completely internal air conditioning systems are very energy efficient and provide the same quality and performance as conventional systems. There’s no compromise with a Cool You system. It has the same performance as the leading brands and can cool up to three rooms with just one condenser.

If you have any questions about our completely internal systems or would like us to install air conditioning in your apartment, contact us at 0207 043 2275 or fill out this form and we’d be happy to help!