How Air Conditioning Can Change Your World

Here is an exciting article seen on the BBC website recently discussing how air conditioning changed the world.

Now, time and time again, we are being told how our air conditioning solutions change the world of our customers. However, did you know that air conditioning has a part to play in the rise of the internet? Computers housed within the server farms that power the internet would fail without air conditioning technologies.

Air conditioning is directly responsible for population shifts.

Air conditioning is also said to be directly responsible for shifts in population worldwide. The US area known as “the sun belt”, from Florida to California, is an example. Temperatures here are significantly warmer than the rest of the country. An increase in population here during the second half of the 20th century can be attributed to the availability of air conditioning. Cities like Dubai and Singapore can also credit their rise to air conditioning. Providing comfortable and consistent temperatures to buildings that would otherwise be unbearable due to warmer temperatures.

How air conditioning changed the world with comfort and increased productivity

Invented by Willis Carrier in 1902, air conditioning was initially developed to solve print production problems. It was not created as a solution for human comfort. Today, we find that air conditioning is increasingly used as a tool for increased comfort and productivity. The BBC article showed that when temperatures exceeded 21℃ in exam halls, students started to score lower in maths tests. Another study showed that air conditioning increased the productivity of US government typists by 24%. This is something that we find ourselves in when installing air conditioning. When installing air conditioning in a home office or a commercial property, we are often told that the reasons for installation are to increase productivity with the aid of a consistent temperature.

In terms of changing the world, the article demonstrates that air conditioning has made a difference. We are told time and time again that our air conditioning solutions change the world of our customers. Our solutions are designed to be installed into even the trickiest of applications. With no external components but the air quality of a large system featuring multiple units, our air conditioning solutions are the premium choice.

Do you live in an apartment? Lacking in space outside your property? Is your home in a conservation area? Do you own a listed building? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then we have an air conditioning solution for you and may just be able to change your world, too – enabling you to be able to live and work more comfortably!