improve air quality in your home

Ways internal air conditioning improves the air quality in your home

The quality of the indoor air we breathe has a real impact on comfort, lifestyle and even health, over the short- and long-term.

If you’re looking at ways to improve air quality in your home then internal air conditioning could be the solution you seek.

Urban living is the norm for most people, and a 2016 report from the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, entitled ‘Every Breath we Take’, looked in depth at the ways air pollution impacts on health.

While there’s not a great deal we can do about air quality outside our homes, this air also impacts on the air inside any buildings.

One of the report’s principal recommendations is that everyone needs to be more aware of the air quality within their home and indoor environments, making improvements wherever possible.

If you feel that poor air quality in your home is impacting on your enjoyment of life or affecting your health or the health of other people, there are solutions you can put in place.

Reasons the quality of the air we breathe is so important

At home and in the workplace, air quality impacts our productivity and comfort and can affect health too.

It’s understood that poor quality of indoor air can lead to tiredness, headaches, low concentration levels and irritation of the eyes and airways. Poor air quality is also a trigger for allergies and asthma.

The poor air quality and damp, humid environments of some homes can be very considerable risk factors for people with asthma. Increased levels of bacteria, growth of mould and higher levels of dust mites can generally all be found in homes with poor air quality.

There are solutions to remedy poor indoor air quality and fitting air conditioning could be the way forward.

Installing fully internal air conditioning really does help improve air quality in your home and the Cool You UK fully internal system is ideal for just about any property, including London apartments.

Three of the top benefits of fitting fully internal air conditioning into your home

The air quality in homes is impacted by lots of things, but three of the main elements include:

1. Temperature

Warm, stuffy homes can be uncomfortable and the insulation and seals used in modern apartments and new build homes are very effective at keeping out incoming air.

These factors can all lead to feelings of increased lethargy or the onset of poor health.

Fitting air conditioning can help as it ensures ambient room temperatures remain at the most comfortable level, typically between the range of 20-22°C.

This sort of temperature ensures you remain within your comfort zone and is absolutely perfect for all daily activities, including sleeping, entertaining and working.

The most common solution is to install a unit in the open plan living area, covering the kitchen, dining and living room space, and also the bedroom.

2. Humidity

Smaller homes and apartments can become really humid.  You’ll probably notice this most after hopping out of the shower when steam and humidity can build up tremendously.

Humidity is measured by the water vapour in the air, and air that retains a lot of water vapour is humid.

On the other hand, air containing very little water vapour feels very dry. You may also find excess humidity in your home causes a build-up of black mould in the areas behind cupboards and wardrobes.

Low- to mid-range humidity is most comfortable in the home, while high humidity levels will cause you to feel uncomfortable and a little clammy.

High humidity can also cause or exacerbate health problems, including sleep issues, dehydration, and allergies or asthma, which may be triggered by high levels of bacteria, mould and dust mites.

Internal air conditioning addresses humidity in the home. When your air conditioning systems are running, warm, humid air passes over the very cold surface of the units. The air discharged by your air conditioning solution contains significantly reduced levels of water vapour.

3. Build up of bacteria and mould

A warm humid space can really cause bacteria to grow as well as increased levels of dust mites.

Once you remove the warmth and humidity from the air in your home with an internal air conditioner, your environment doesn’t only feel pleasant and more comfortable, the clever filtration in air conditioning extracts dust and impurities too. This means the air discharged from the solutions is much purer, as well as cooler and dehumidified.

How Cool You can help

Cool You UK supply and install fully internal air conditioning for London apartments, suitable for both new and listed buildings

Our residential air conditioning solutions don’t require an external condenser, which means they can be sat just about anywhere. Our systems feature internal condensers and offer the latest water cooling technologies to ensure the perfect climate control solution in any home.

It’s an easy matter to improve air quality in your home when you opt for our air conditioning solutions.

You’ll find that adding internal air conditioning really does improve air quality in your home, allowing you to live a more relaxed lifestyle within the perfect environment. Your enjoyment of your home will be increased immensely.

Take time to browse our website to find out more, or give us a call today.