Can Internal Air Conditioning Increase The Value of My Property?

Can Fully Internal Air Conditioning Increase The Value Of Your Apartment?

This week, our managing director Savva is discussing in our latest video a question we often get asked at Cool You: ‘Will internal air conditioning without an outside unit increase the value of my property?’

Watch here:

The answer is yes, it will. Air conditioning is a great feature when selling or renting out your apartment. A fully internal air conditioning unit without an outside condenser is a great way to add value. You should be able to ask for a greater monthly yield or higher price because it’s already installed.

Most importantly, you’ll increase the living standard within your apartment. You’ll be able to enjoy your property without suffering from the intensely hot, humid, and stuffy conditions affecting many buildings in London.

So it works both ways: not only will you enjoy the benefits of internal air conditioning all year round, but you should be able to make your money back if you decide to sell or rent your apartment in the future.

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