Virtual site surveys now at Cool You

Introducing virtual site surveys

We are now offering virtual site surveys, meaning it’s easier than ever to obtain a detailed quote for the room or rooms you would like air-conditioned.

Meeting Savva, our Manging Director, is always an option, but many of our customers are so busy and time-pressed, that they’re finding a video meeting over Facetime, Skype, or Whatsapp just as good.

Savva explains more in our latest video:

How Virtual Site Surveys Work:

We conduct our free site surveys to offer a tailor-made solution that is perfect for you and your property.

During the surveys, we’ll see your apartment’s layout and discuss how to optimise air circulation and where to place the condenser.

While we always work our site surveys around your schedule, we realise how hard it is for busy apartment owners sometimes to find the time to meet with Savva or the team in person during a business working week.

That’s why we offer ‘video call’ site surveys (virtual site surveys), which can be done at your convenience, including in the evenings.

Instead of walking through your apartment in person, you can take Savva or one of the team around your property using Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.

We have site surveyed and managed installs in hundreds of modern and listed London apartments and will quickly know the best option for fitting our unique internal condenser.

Savva has done a number of these already, and the feedback is amazing. One of our Cool You customers, Alex, says:

“I rang one day to get a quote and suggested a FaceTime call (rather than wait for him to site visit) so that Savva could see the best solution. He explained everything so well and remained very patient with my million questions. I was so keen to go ahead, and due to a last-minute postponement, they were able to come the next day (Saturday) to install the A/C. I agreed to use Cool You largely because I knew from that call that I was in very good hands, and I was right to think that!”

Ready to book your free, no-obligation site survey? Get in touch here.