Spring Clean Your Air Conditioner

Spring clean your air conditioner

Have you been wondering how to clean your air conditioner after purchasing it?

Are you concerned that there is something you need to be doing in order to keep your system running in impeccable condition?

Are you feeling worried that now you have purchased an air conditioner, you will be left alone and in charge of ensuring that it works correctly and has all of its proper maintenance?

There’s no need to worry – we are here to tell you exactly how to look after your Cool You internal air conditioning solution. Keep reading to find out exactly how!


As Savva Zacharia, Managing Director at Cool You, points out in his informative video, you will be very relieved to hear that Cool You will do every last bit of the maintenance to clean your air conditioner – you do not have to lift a finger!

Spring cleaning and looking after your air conditioning system could not be more straightforward with our maintenance support.

Why is it essential to maintain my air conditioner?

An air conditioning system is one of the most impressive modern amenities in the world, keeping you cool, calm and collected in the summer season with whatever heat comes your way.

We understand how important it is that your air conditioner remains in good condition.

Air conditioners work more efficiently when all of the parts inside them are clean and well-maintained, meaning that your apartment keeps you cool when you need it most.

As you may or may not be aware, the fantastic thing about air conditioners is that the internal filters clean the air.

The dust and debris floating around the room are removed when the air is taken into the unit to be cooled down.

These filters provide clean and cool air for your working or living space but also need to be cleaned occasionally to keep your internal air conditioner in tip-top shape.

Our innovative, completely internal air conditioners are incredibly well-built machines, but it is a common concern for anyone who has one installed to wonder how to keep it in excellent condition and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The answer is simple and very reassuring: once you have purchased one of our solutions, all we need you to do is follow the advice we give you.

Easy to follow advice

Firstly, once we have installed an air conditioning solution for you, we’ll give you a simple and clear one-page laminated sheet of advice that details precisely how you can keep your AC system running at peak efficiency.

Forget an extensive handbook, which you will never read and that will sit gathering dust on your shelf – we understand that your time is precious.

This laminated sheet of advice is provided entirely free of charge and tells you exactly how to run your air conditioning system for optimum efficiency for your space.

All you need to do is to make sure that you are following the information – it really is that simple.

Maintaining your air conditioning system.

When it comes to spring cleaning your air conditioning system, Cool You does all of it for you.

Everything is sorted by us, whether it is general regular maintenance or a deep clean that your system requires.

This guarantees you maximum peace of mind and, most importantly, minimum fuss, disruption and irritation.

So how does it work? Once we have installed your air conditioning system in your London apartment, we will then send you a maintenance agreement.

This document outlines exactly when we will attend to clean your air conditioner and what maintenance we will carry out on our visit.

A member of our friendly and helpful Cool You team will give you a call to arrange for one of our highly qualified, certified and insured engineers to attend at a convenient time that suits you.

We always remind you, so you don’t need to worry about scheduling a maintenance visit on your own.

When this day comes, we will carry out any and all necessary maintenance procedures.

How will my air conditioner system be serviced?

Cool You’s maintenance procedures can involve things such as checking that the air conditioner is operating precisely as it should, making sure that all of the filters are clean and functioning, and even ensuring that we have added an antibacterial agent to make sure the air circulating in your apartment is smelling wonderful and clean.

There may be other general checks that we carry out too. It really is all down to us, and we’ll make sure your system is working perfectly for you.

In general, a maintenance visit once every year should be sufficient to upkeep your air conditioning system.

There is absolutely nothing in general operation that you need to be doing. You don’t need to top things up, empty things out or clean anything. We do everything for you, and we take it very seriously.

If there are any problems with your solution, one of our professional and well-trained engineers will easily find and fix any issues in your air conditioning system.

We also have a 24/7 direct helpline that you can contact if you need any assistance or advice about your solution.

Trust the experts

At Cool You, the easy-fit apartment air conditioning specialists in London, we know for a fact that we are the utmost experts in internal air conditioning solutions.

We are committed to maintaining the internal air conditioner we have installed for you.

Our solutions come with a full 5-year part and labour warranty to ensure that they will run smoothly, and each solution should keep your apartment cool for a long time.

Want to find out more about our internal solutions? Call us on 0207 043 2275 or email info@coolyoudirect.co.uk, and we’ll be happy to help.