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Discover How These London Apartment Owners Found Their Perfect Air Conditioning Solution With No External Condenser…..

No external condenser at The Strata in Elephant & Castle:

An architectural icon:
The Strata is the city’s tallest residential building and is one of London’s architectural icons. While it set many standards for energy efficiency and sustainable living, the floor to ceiling windows and southern aspect were causing this owner to feel very warm, even during the chilly winter months.

The solution:
Due to planning restrictions, traditional external boxes were not permitted. Any punctures to the outside were not allowed.

We fitted two water-cooled internal systems with no external condenser that were fully contained within his property. No outside access was needed; rather, we installed them in a storage cupboard beside his washing machine. These connected to quiet, energy efficient wall units in both the open plan living room/kitchen and master bedroom.

Our technical team was able to hide the pipework between the condensers and the room units using the ceiling voids. There was no disruption to the existing decor within the apartment and the entire installation took less than 2 days to complete!


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No external condenser at Cumberland Terrace in Regent’s Park

A Crown Estate Grade II Listed building:
This iconic building is a Crown Estate Grade II Listed Building right near Regents Park.

The owners were desperate to have air conditioning, but the apartments were subject to very strict planning restrictions and no form of an external condenser or the drilling of external holes was allowed.

We were approached specifically because of our expertise in air conditioning apartments within listed buildings.

The solution:
The only air conditioning solution available to them was our A** rated energy efficient DC inverter water-cooled internal condensers.

We hid the internal condensers in utility cupboards in the hall.

Both projects were carried out whilst the apartments were being refurbished, which allowed all the refrigerant pipework between the condensers and the room units to be fully concealed. No planning permission was required to fit our air conditioning systems in these apartments.

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No external condenser at One the Elephant in SE1:

A cornerstone development:
One The Elephant is a cornerstone development in SE1. Even though the building is 30% more energy efficient than what regulations require, owners found that their apartments were heating up during the winter.

Due to restrictions, owners aren’t allowed to install traditional air conditioning units or make external holes.

The Solution:
The only solution available was to install our A** rated energy efficient DC inverter water-cooled internal condensers that allow everything to be retained within each individual apartment.

The three projects were a combination of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. In each installation, the water cooled condensers were installed in the utility cupboard above the washing machine within a custom made cradle system.

There were minimal disruptions to the existing decoration, and in one case, our technical team worked alongside the client’s contractors during the apartment refurbishment.