water-cooled air conditioning

What does water-cooled air conditioning mean?

When we say water-cooled condenser air conditioning to our clients, we’re often met with the assumption that our system will involve a series of water pipes flowing around their apartment.

Nothing can be further than the truth, as Savva explains in our latest video:

All air conditioning systems are made up of two parts. With a conventional air conditioning system, there is a box (called a condenser) located somewhere outside your property, such as on a wall or a roof. This uses free air into the atmosphere to remove the heat.

Many London apartment owners are not allowed this traditional system. That’s where our completely internal water-cooled air conditioning comes in.

Our Cool You systems do the same job of removing the heat. Instead of cooling the condenser via air, we use water. We pass mains cold water in a controlled manner through the condenser when there is a cooling demand from the room being air-conditioned.

Here’s how our water-cooled condenser air conditioning solution works:

The internal condenser is connected by refrigeration pipework to a slim, contemporary wall-mounted cooling unit fitted in the room being air-conditioned. We typically conceal the small condenser in a hidden spot in your apartment, such as in a hall utility cupboard, in a kitchen cupboard etc.

Our water-cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems embrace the most up-to-date DC Inverter technology. This means they only use the minimum amount of energy required to cool and maintain the desired temperature of the room being air-conditioned.

Why our water-cooled air conditioning is completely internal:

Unlike a traditional air-cooled system, our fully internal solutions can be installed completely inside of your property.

We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions that require minimal disruption. If you live in a property with strict planning regulations or are not allowed to fit a traditional air conditioner, we have the solution for you that will provide the same quality and performance as a conventional system, but completely internally. Nothing outside!

If you have any questions about our completely internal systems or would like us to install air conditioning in your apartment, contact us at 0207 043 2275 or fill out this form, and we’d be happy to help.