3 reasons to have inside air conditioner

3 reasons to have inside air conditioning (other than temperature control)

As summers get warmer and stickier year on year and our lives become more hectic, the reasons to invest in an inside air conditioner are multiplying. Of course, adequate temperature control is one of the main reasons many people purchase internal air conditioning for their London apartment, as being in a room that is too hot or too cold can be a deeply uncomfortable experience.

However, there are several other reasons to invest in inside air conditioning that stretch beyond mere temperature. Cool You’s managing director, Savva, explains them in our video this week:



An inside air conditioner Helps Allergy Control

There’s nothing less homely than living somewhere that frequently flares up your allergies. Indeed, sometimes it can be challenging to find the source of allergens within the home, particularly if you know you are allergic to several different things.

Many people with allergies benefit hugely from an inside air conditioner. Our systems filter the air, draw out irritants like dust and pollen, and ensure the air is clean.

With an increasing number of people suffering from asthma and allergies, there’s never been a better time to take action and install a Cool You internal air conditioning system.


Internal air conditioning can boost productivity and keep you well rested

As well as helping you feel more comfortable in your London home, an internal air conditioning system will boost your productivity and help you drift off at night.

There are plenty of studies out there examining the effect of temperature regulation on people’s abilities to conduct specific tasks, and the outcomes are very conclusive: keep cool to stay energised and on top of your game!

If you work at home, our internal air conditioning systems are perfect for boosting productivity.


Better home security and air quality with an inside air conditioner

This may not seem like the most obvious reason to invest in an inside air conditioner, but it can make a big difference to your home’s overall security, particularly in London apartments. For example, leaving windows open when it is hot poses a huge security risk if you live on the ground floor.

Even if you do not reside on the ground floor, leaving windows open on higher floors can leave you vulnerable to excessive noise and polluted air, both of which can be detrimental to your overall quality of life.

For perfect humidity and temperature control, leave windows, and doors shut and let Cool You’s internal air conditioning unit do the work.

If you’re interested in purchasing internal air conditioning for your London apartment, contact us.

We’re the experts in air conditioning without an outside unit and serve apartments and listed properties in London. Our completely internal air conditioning systems require no planning permissions, so if you’ve been told that you can’t have air conditioning, get in touch. We guarantee we can find a solution for you.