Do you need some tips to cool your bedroom?

The bedroom is most people’s personal sanctuary. It is the place where you can retreat to reflect on the main events of a day, where you can unwind, enjoy time on your own and most importantly, where you get your portion of energy from. This is the reason why the bedroom should have a relaxing design and atmosphere, while also containing the right temperature for every season.

Having a proper, constant temperature in your bedroom can be difficult in the hot season, especially when your home is not equipped with air conditioning. Nevertheless, there are still some tricks you can refer to when your favourite room becomes too uncomfortable, and you can find these below:

1. The window, your best ally
Leaving your window open seems to be the easiest solution. When it is possible, try to keep both the window and the door to your bedroom open, to allow the air to properly circulate around. It is even better to keep them opened at night, as the temperature tends to drop then. However, you have to keep in mind that living with your window opened means that the bedroom temperature will depend on the one outside and you will have to deal with all the noise around, two factors that you cannot have any control over.

2. Place different kinds of fans strategically
You can find a plethora of fan types on the market and they can help cooling down your bedroom, as they make the air circulate in the room. A good strategy is to place a box fan inside an open window, to help circulate air in and out of the room; to go even further, you can place a floor-standing fan next to the window and another one across the room, in front of the open door, so the two can combine the air in a cooling cross-breeze. You just have to be aware that spending a lot of time facing the direct draft of a fan can have severe dehydration effects.

3. Ceiling fans are also helpful
If you already have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, you probably know that it needs to be adjusted seasonally. For hot weather, the blades should be turned in a counter-clockwise direction, so they can produce a refreshing airflow, past your body’s skin. However, ceiling fans can only help you cool your body temperature and not the room’s, as they blow directly on you.

4. An icy trick
A good trick is to use ice and a fan together, in order to cool down your bedroom. Empty an entire bag of ice into a wide, deep bowl – this will collect the water after ice melts; put the bowl of ice in front of a floor-standing fan and try to adjust the fan so it has the same level as your bed. The air will be significantly cooler and you can enjoy the comfortable temperature until the ice melts.

5. Home appliances influence the temperature

Watching TV or a movie in your bed can be a very relaxing activity. Nevertheless, television sets, computers and other home appliances are a heat-generating source, so try to reduce their use to a minimum. If you find it hard to exclude them completely from your daily routine, try to at least switch to flat screen, LCD display appliances, as they use less electricity, therefore emit less heat.

6. Turn to air conditioning
If none of the tips above is helpful and you find it harder and harder to spend time in your favourite room, maybe it is time to do some research about air conditioning units for bedrooms. There is a range of options on the market, and they can be easily fitted within your bedroom design. For example, all Cool You UK systems are internally fitted and do not require an outside condenser box, so you won’t have to make much noise or drill unnecessary holes. They work with the slimline inverter range of air conditioning specialist units, which will give you full control over the temperature, with an actual remote control in your possession. In this way, nothing that is happening outside with the weather will influence the atmosphere in your bedroom. Furthermore, because you will be able to have your windows closed, you won’t have to deal with the noise from the surroundings.

With all this in mind, your bedroom can become the most relaxing and comfortable place in your house. Consider all the options above, choose the one that is right for you and you will be able to create the atmosphere that best suits your needs.