How Cool You Helps Climate Change in London

How Cool You Helps Climate Change in London


In our latest video, Cool You’s managing director, Savva, addresses a few concerns about how air conditioning can impact climate change in London.

Climate change in London and across the globe is a hot topic. Something we have all started taking more seriously recently.

We all need to keep cool in summer. And as the past few years have shown, heat waves are becoming more and more common.

Those who suffer from hay fever and allergies, in particular, often need to escape indoors away from the pollen. So a cool and welcoming apartment is essential.

Mounting concerns about energy use and an increased carbon footprint can make choosing an air conditioning solution difficult.

With this in mind, it’s great to know that Cool You’s internal solutions work just as hard for the environment as they do for the customer.

Watch the video and read on to find out just what Savva has to say about air conditioning. And the impact on climate change, and how Cool You is addressing this every day.

The Impact of Climate Change in London: How Cool You Can Help

The right size

The first way you can help make a difference in climate change in London. Make sure your air conditioning system is the right size for your space.

There’s no point in having an oversized unit if you only cool a small room or apartment. That leads to wasted energy, which contributes to your carbon footprint.

Cool You is the expert in understanding what the correct type of solution for your space is.

Our detailed surveys will ensure your air conditioning system is sized appropriately. This minimises waste and ensures minimal impact on the environment.

A massive air conditioning unit in a tiny space isn’t just wasteful. It’s not very useful either.

It might be tempting to get the biggest option available, then turn it down if it gets too cold. But it’s not necessary. It’s essential to consider a large unit’s impact on the environment.

A small, one-bedroom apartment doesn’t need an air conditioning unit to cool an entire house. We wouldn’t offer you that kind of solution if it didn’t suit your needs.

It would certainly end up being expensive for you. In the long run, it’s costly to the planet, too.

The right gases

The second point concerns the special refrigerant gases used in the air conditioning systems.

There have always been concerns about how refrigerant gases affect the environment.

Our entirely internal solutions use the very latest gases. Keeping us in line with top brands such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin.

The gas our solutions currently use is called R32. Unlike some older refrigerant gases, this has no negative impact on the ozone layer.

R32 is also very energy efficient. Making it the greener choice for air conditioning systems at this time.

The right technology

Worried about climate change in London. There’s more to an efficient air conditioning unit than just correct sizing and efficient gases. It has to have the most up-to-date technology to allow you to manage its usage.

Cool You’s air conditioning units all come with built-in intelligent controls.

You can set your desired temperature, and the unit will reach that temperature. It will then gently adjust itself as the ambient temperature rises and falls.

Your system only ever uses a tiny trickle of electricity. There are no power surges, unlike units constantly switching on and off.

Your intelligent internal solution will maintain the perfect temperature all day.

On top of this, you also have full control of your Cool You air conditioning solution thanks to WiFi-enabled controls.

These allow you to switch your unit on or off from anywhere worldwide. You only need an internet connection.

If you’ll be out all day, you could switch your unit off until half an hour before heading home. You will still return to your apartment at the perfect temperature, ideal for your personal living space.

This could potentially save a tremendous amount of energy. It is great for your pocket and even better for the environment.

iFeel is another way Cool You’s unique units help reduce energy costs. This allows you to use your unit’s controller as a remote thermostat. Creating microclimates where you need them within your home.

This is particularly useful in high ceilings or huge rooms.

Cool You always works hard to ensure your air conditioning solution uses the least energy possible.

Looking to the future

We’re always looking to make our air conditioning solutions more environmentally friendly.

As new and more efficient refrigerant gases become available, we adopt them. We want to ensure we use the very latest technology in our models.

R32 is considered a next-generation refrigerant. It has been developed by air conditioning specialists with the future of our planet and the environment firmly in mind.

R32 has no impact whatsoever on the ozone layer, unlike older CFCs, which were very damaging.

It also has a much lower impact on global warming. Thus minimising its contribution toward climate change even further. R32 is also very energy efficient.

We’re working towards a range of air conditioning units that you can use with the peace of mind that they’re having the lowest possible impact on planet Earth.

If you’re interested in learning more about our internal air conditioning solutions and how we’re working towards a greener future, please call us on 0207 043 2275.

We’d love to help you get set up with the most energy-efficient internal air conditioning solution available in London.