A Solution to Strata SE1’s Potential Sound Problems?


Strata Tower cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Oast House Archive

Having previously installed our air conditioning solutions into the Strata SE1 building, this recent story about La Barra’s application to extend its music license attracted our attention –

Strata SE1’s Potential Sound Problems


With the Latin restaurant, which is located opposite the building in Elephant and Castle, looking to extend its music license from 12:30 am to 3:00 am, residents in the Strata SE1 building are understandably frustrated with the request.

They chose our air conditioning solutions because of the noise pollution

Whilst it’s not a complete solution to the noise of the South American ballads and loud dance music which the restaurant is likely to be playing, previous clients tell us they chose our air conditioning solutions because of the noise pollution in their area.

Cooling their apartment may be as simple as opening a window for some. However, for others, particularly those living in built-up areas of London, opening a window is not an option due to the outside noise their apartment will be filled with.

In the case of the Strata SE1 and our previous client in the building, our air conditioning solutions allow for the cooling of an apartment which is subject to restrictions on external condenser boxes and penetrations to the outside walls whilst, of course, also providing a way of not being subjected to the noise outside.

If you are a resident in the Strata SE1 building and are interested in finding out more about the air conditioning solutions we have previously provided in the building, see our case study to find out more – https://www.coolyoudirect.co.uk/case-studies/iconic-residential-building-elephant-castle-london-se1/

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