how to circulate air conditioning in the apartment

Top 3 ways to promote air circulation in your London apartment

Stuffy and humid apartments can negatively impact many aspects of your daily life. No matter how powerful your air conditioning or purifying unit is, circulation is key to making the most out of your machines.

If you are wondering how to circulate air conditioning in your apartment, there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to promote circulation in your apartment without breaking the bank.

A cooler apartment is only a few steps away; here is the ultimate guide on how to circulate air in your London apartment.


1. Use in conjunction with an HRV system

Most modern apartments and office buildings have an HRV system installed that works to circulate air, helping to make the internal heating system more efficient; they’re also essential at regulating moisture and preventing the buildup of mildew and mould.

While these heat recovery systems are incredibly efficient alone, when used in conjunction with an air conditioning system, the air quality in your apartment will increase drastically.

Our self-contained air conditioning units are a great solution if you want to know how to circulate air conditioning in your London apartment.

The combination of the air circulation mechanisms and an HRV system operate as a power couple, able to reduce air humidity and heat to combat any complaints you have about the circulation in your apartment.

Heat recovery systems are common in apartments because they are small and discreet, which is ideal for London apartments that are more compact in nature and generally lacking in floor space.

Many think that their HRV systems are the best their apartment can get in terms of ventilation; this might be because you live in a listed building or you have been told that your apartment is too small to fit air conditioning that requires an outdoor unit.

Our internal air conditioning units are ideal for all London apartments and can be used in conjunction with your building’s HRV system.

The internal systems we fit are non-invasive machines that only occupy a small amount of space in your apartment but have innumerable advantages in terms of air quality.

The HRV system and an internal air conditioning unit is the combination you need for crisper air; try it for yourself.

2. Invest in an air purifier

There are so many advantages to our internal air conditioning units. In regards to their installation, they don’t require any planning permissions and they are the ideal option for people unable to make a hole in their apartment walls to fit an external conditioning unit.

If you already own one of our quality systems and are looking for the best tips and tricks on how to circulate air in your London apartment, then a great piece of advice is to use an air purifier alongside our air conditioning units; the purifiers use a series of fans to filter and circulate purified air throughout your home.

For the most effective method of air circulation in your apartment, the air purifiers can be placed in the rooms furthest away from where our air conditioning unit has been installed; this ensures a constant and consistent flow of fresh air.

This is a particularly effective technique for those who suffer from allergies, including dust mites or hayfever, as the combined efforts of the air conditioning system and the purifier circulate air that is fresh and free from any small particles that might irritate your health complaint.

Air is guaranteed to be filtered to HEPA standard, where 99.7% of negative particles and bacterias in the air are removed.

The dehumidifying property of the air conditioning system is also beneficial for those who suffer from chest complaints, such as infections, bronchitis or asthma, which excess humidity in the air can worsen.

The symptoms of these illnesses only get worse as the night progresses, which is when an air purifier and remote control operated air conditioning system can be incredibly helpful; you can enjoy a well-rested night’s sleep with cleaner air inside your lungs.

The circulation of air is especially important if you work from home as being stuck in an apartment with only stale air to breathe can be incredibly debilitating for your health.

With bacteria eradicated from the air, vulnerable people such as the elderly or children can feel safe in the knowledge that they are less likely to catch a cold or flu virus.

3. Fans

The cost of living in London is high enough and many budgets cannot accommodate several air purifiers on top of their current expenses.

If you want to know how to circulate air conditioning in your apartment while on a budget, fans can be a cost-friendly solution.

Fans alone cannot sufficiently purify the air and make it fresh and clean, but using a fan alongside one of our air conditioning units is guaranteed to be successful.

Stagnant air can negatively impact our sleep quality at night and make us feel drowsy during the day; fans keep the airflow active and prevent any dust or particles from settling and irritating our airways.

Simply place a portable fan into any room in your apartment and it will create a steady flow of air that is cool, active and refreshing.

Dual-use of a fan and an air conditioning unit is a more energy and environmentally friendly way to circulate air in your apartment than using a portable air conditioning unit.

These devices are terrible for your electricity bill and can be incredibly noisy, which means they are impractical to use at night.

Our self-contained units will fit seamlessly into your current lifestyle and air will be effortlessly circulated.

Fans are the only portable method of air circulation that you should consider alongside our units, as the compact machines will not invade your personal space or require much electricity to function.

Cool You

Hopefully, you’re better informed on how to circulate air conditioning in your apartment and realise that allowing fresh air to circulate in your living space is easier than you first thought.

Investing in a professional air conditioning company to install an internal air conditioning unit will not only improve your quality of life, but it could also increase the value of your apartment.

No matter what other professionals may have told you, there is always an option for you to have air conditioning in your apartment. Contact us to see how your London apartment can benefit from an internal air conditioning unit.