Internal air con for London apartments - Do I have The Space?

Internal air con for London apartments – Do I have The Space?

Many Londoners are concerned about installing air conditioning because they lack space in their apartment. Many think an internal air conditioner for London apartments will take up much valuable space. That’s not true with Cool You.

We’ll always find somewhere discreet and out of the way for all of the components of our fully internal AC units.

Over the years, we’ve developed creative solutions to Londoners’ lack of storage space in their apartments. We’ve installed our condensers under the kitchen sink, tucked away in a utility cupboard, and even suspended them from custom-made brackets in the ceiling.

During our free site survey, we’ll walk you through the options and develop a tailor-made solution perfect for you and your property.

Savva, our Managing Director, explains more about Internal air con for London apartments in our latest video:

Our Water-cooled Internal condenser systems.

These supply the same quality and performance as an air conditioning system with an outside condenser. The only difference is that our condenser is internal. Mains water is used in a controlled manner to take the heat away. From the condenser, everything is relatively the same refrigeration pipework as a conventional system. The room unit/fan coil/evaporator provides air-conditioned cooling.

Why not check out some of our case studies for real-life examples of how we can help with our internal air con for London apartments? Or, give us a call at 0207 043 2275 or email for more get in contact with us.