Installation turned around in just 36 hours so customer could leave hospital

With the recent spell of hot weather hitting the capital, we have found ourselves receiving a high volume of enquiries from Londoners sweltering in their apartments and looking for a solution to achieve a cooler climate. As you can imagine, with such demand we have to act fairly and operate on a first come, first served basis. So usually it’s a case of join the queue and we will see you when we have an available appointment which is convenient for us both. We say usually.

The reason we say usually is because we received an enquiry recently which I am proud of the team for making the time for.

After receiving a panicked phone call from a neighbour on behalf of a customer, the team just couldn’t say no to the request. This was special circumstances, the caller was panicked because his neighbour, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease, was in hospital and wouldn’t be able to return home due to his apartment simply being too hot.

Upon taking the phone call and hearing this, Savva went out to them that very day to conduct a site survey. Satisfied that our unique air conditioning solution was right for the property and importantly, could be turned around in the short amount of time required by the customer, Savva then instructed Alek to commence work.

I’m very proud of the team for juggling their schedule around and working on their day off in order to turn this project around from initial phone call to completed installation in a very impressive 36 hours. This allowed the customer to return home and not have to spend any longer in hospital than necessary.