5 Iconic London areas where Cool You installed internal condenser air conditioners

5 Iconic London areas where Cool You installed internal condenser air conditioners

Cool You have been installing our internal condenser air conditioners in the most beautiful locations all over London for twelve years now.  

We specialise in Central London apartments using our very niche, specialist, fully internal and DC inverter solutions.

Our managing director, Savva, explains in our recent video just a few of the iconic London places where we’ve installed our internal condenser air conditioners.

Here are some of our most iconic places in Central London that we have installed in so far:

Regents Park

This area is famous for being home to one of the most visited Royal Parks and known for its classic English architecture, thanks in part to the picturesque buildings surrounding it.

Anyone who visits this area knows there is no way apartment owners will be able to fit traditional air conditioners. That’s why our internal condenser air conditioners are the perfect solution for these gorgeous, listed buildings.

We installed one of our unique solutions in the Crown Estate Grade II Listed building, Cumberland Terrace.

Elephant & Castle

Due to the regeneration taking place in this area, Elephant & Castle is quickly becoming a residential hotspot, especially in two main buildings: The Strata and One the Elephant.

The Strata is a skyscraper that pioneers in the London skyline as it’s the city’s tallest residential building. While the building is incredibly energy efficient and sets standards in sustainable living when built, the floor-to-ceiling windows and a southern aspect means apartments feel very warm even during the colder winter months.

One The Elephant is a cornerstone development in the area and is 30% more energy-efficient than current planning regulations require. However, many owners in the building are experiencing very warm temperatures, no matter the season.

In both these developments, owners wanted air conditioning but were unable to fit traditional boxes. The only solution available to air condition these apartments was using our A** rated energy efficient DC inverter water-cooled internal condenser air conditioners that allow everything to be retained within each individual apartment.

Tower Bridge

You can’t get any more iconic than Tower Bridge!

We’ve carried out numerous installations of our internal condenser air conditioners here, from small apartment blocks to the new high-rise apartments that they’re putting up within the area.

As many of these apartments are located right in the hustle and bustle of Tower Bridge, such as The Triangle, our internal units are perfect. They keep apartment cool without having to open windows, which prevents security risks, pollution, and noise from coming into the apartment.

Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea is one of the most popular areas of West London. It’s known for gorgeous, luxury residential listed properties and strict planning regulations.

As we’re specialists in installing our internal condenser air conditioners in listed buildings, you can see why we’ve carried out a number of installations in this area. Some recent installations include an apartment on Gloucester Road and a listed red brick house in Bolton Gardens.

Notting Hill & Holland Park

Home to the infamous Portobello Road market and iconic coloured houses, this area is filled with a real mix of modern buildings and older listed properties.

Due to strict planning restrictions, we’ve had to come up with creative, custom solutions to air condition these apartments. Our internal condenser air conditioners are perfect solutions to this problem.

To find out how we could air condition your London apartment using our internal condenser air conditioners give us a call on 0207 043 2275 or fill out this form.